Les abeilles dans le nid d'oiseau

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《Les abeilles dans le nid d'oiseau | Le api nel nido degli uccelli | The Bees in Bird Nestle | 蜂驻雀巢》

🌴🌳🌲 https://hugoaujourdhui.org/blogs/hugoaujourdhui/hugo-creaders-archive-index ☞ 🔑 默默 ☞ 🌲/🧵 ☞ ★第3集:2016-06-11: 我默默地注视着你 -献给{abeille | ape | bee | 蜜蜂} & {lavande | lavanda ☞ 🍃 🍃 🍃
《Les abeilles dans le nid d'oiseau | Le api nel nido degli uccelli | The Bees in Bird Nestle | 蜂驻雀巢》
A few years ago, we put 1 man-made wooden bird-house hanging lower on 1 pine tree in garden, hoping birds will enjoy it as their home, hence we could observe them closer.

1 side wall of the bird-house can be flipped up, then inside room can be observed through 1 slidable、full-size transparent plexiglass, so …

Until 1 day, big surprise! we found that bird-house has become home of bees😲, there are quite a lot of tiny、feather-like fine grasses filled inside. Who brought grasses in for bees? we didn't, 1 real mystery. The bees are busy working there, in & out, not afraid of human being at all, there are honey dripping out of bird-house too. Solute, dear bees, we, as human being, adore you😍

While birds still tirelessly build secret nests higher on pine tree, we could hardly see them, nevertheless, we can certainly listen their rehearsal & concert performances from time to time😂
What 1 wonderful “Natural selection”(Charles Darwin) , what 1 sweet harmony!

2) Charles Darwin, 1 naturalist、geologist & biologist, best known for his contributions to the science of evolution.

3) The modern industrialization has been incrementally destroying our planet & biodiversity. Too many over-scale human-communities、skyscraper-complexes are built up in rocket speed, without cautious planning for bird life、bee life. Every day, birds are less & less, bees are less & less, they need homes, safe、survival、sustainable homes.

4) 《法国2021年蜜蜂再次大量死去》 法国国家食品,环境和劳动卫生署( ANSES) 今天公布的最新研究显示,2021 年有将近 25% 的蜜蜂被发现死在蜂箱中,显示蜜蜂死亡严重,这是在2018年出现大约30%死亡,造成严重损失后,在2019年和2020年情况曾经出现好转。 发表时间: 14/12/2021 - 15:18 布列塔尼的蜂巢 Jean-Louis Le Moigne(图片)
作者:罗拉 法国国家食品,环境和劳动卫生署今天公布的最新研究显示,2021 年有将近 25% 的蜜蜂被发现死在蜂箱中,显示蜜蜂死亡严重,这是在2018年出现大约30%蜜蜂死亡,造成严重损失后,在2019年和2020年情况出现好转,今年情况再次变糟糕。 专家指出2021年蜜蜂冬季死亡的原因是气候异常,空气污染等多种不同因素的组合,而且过去几年农人使用有害的杀虫剂污染延续也是重要原因,虽然近期一些农药不再使用,但是其毒性会存在20多年。特别是一些杀虫剂会扰乱蜜蜂的行为,使蜜蜂更容易生病,有些会更难找到食物,甚至迷失方向,不能再返回蜂巢。 法国国家食品卫生署呼吁政府和欧盟严格已有的措施,来进一步限制一些农药的使用。